What do I need to bring to class? 

Just a bottle of water if you'd like. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, but bare feet are great too, particularly for the balancing exercises.

What can I expect during a MovNat® class?

We'll do some warm ups then I'll talk about what type of movement we'll be working on. MovNat® improves range-of-motion and natural abilities in the whole range of human movements: walking, jumping, balancing, carrying, running, throwing, and swimming. We'll be focusing on one each class, with exercises that progress throughout class and over time, as well. We'll be building on our skills and increasing strength and endurance. And classes will be fun, with some games added in to emphasize what's being taught. 

I'm not very athletic...will I be able to do MovNat®?

Absolutely! MovNat® is for all ages, and since skill and strength is built progressively over time, people with any ability can participate.

I'm VERY athletic...what will MovNat® do for me?

MovNat® trains the whole body, not just the parts. People that use machines (at the gym or at home) normally train only a part or two of their body at the time. And strength of the muscle is emphasized over its functionality, creating limited range-of-motion and injuries. Machines simply cannot duplicate the natural world, and how we're biologically designed to move through it. MovNat® offers new physical challenges and helps with mobility, coordination, and balance by practicing fundamental movements absent from most training programs. 

Can I practice what I've learned at home?

Yes, in fact I encourage you to practice what you learn at home.

Can MovNat® help me recover from an injury?

Most injuries stem from imbalances and particular weaknesses in the body, from an overall lack of physical activity, from a lack of skill, from inappropriate programming, including overtraining and/or under-recovery, or from an inappropriate lifestyle.

While MovNat is not a replacement for therapy, it works wonder in association to therapy, as it addresses all the points mentioned above. The effectiveness of the combination explains why more and more therapists see the value of our program and recommend it to their patients. 

Do you offer personal training?

Yes, either one-on-one or small group training. Go to my Contact Page to inquire further.