The man behind Untamed Movement is me, Taylor Godbey. I'm a certified Level 2 trainer in Movnat® and a passionate learner of all forms of natural movement. 

I grew up playing soccer and began studying Kung Fu San Soo in my early twenties. I was honored to be part of the Instructor Team there, as well as for their Self Defense program, which taught all ages and abilities including an adult special needs group once a week.

I'm currently a Mentor at KMTX in Fort Worth where I study Krav Maga (it's also where I teach MovNat® classes). In addition, I am both a student and a Level 2 certified Parkour & Freerunning instructor at Fugitive Fitness in Dallas, and am pursuing a certification in Nutritious Movement/Restorative Exercise with Katy Bowman (author of the bestselling books "Move Your DNA" & "Alignment Matters"). I also run a healthcare analytics consulting firm in Las Colinas. When I'm not doing those things I'm usually planning another adventure somewhere...I love to travel. 

I married my best friend 11 years ago and we have a son who likes climbing and jumping over things as much as I do. He was my inspiration for this journey...I want to be a healthy and fit role model, but I also want to be able to always keep up with my family we roam far and play hard!